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  • Studio Name:
    Roots2Rise Yoga
  • Location:
    Philadelphia, PA USA
  • Affiliation:
  • Mission Statement:
    "Inspire Change, Cultivate Community" LOVE: Through yoga we provide the opportunity for you to take care of yourself and to give your body and your mind, the Self Love, the Self Care you deserve. We make a commitment to Empower you so that you can live life full of Love, Community, Growth and possibility. COMMUNITY: Roots2Rise offers yoga classes intentionally designed to Empower you and your Community while promoting Growth through physical strength, flexibility, and an improved well-being. EMPOWERMENT: Roots2Rise believes that every body benefits from yoga, and the result is a commitment to the individual leading to a profound impact on your relationships. GROWTH: The Love we give each individual creates people acting as contributions to the greater Community