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Monthly $20

Unlimited Yoga classes for a month.

    Benefits and Features
    • CREATE your own class schedule
    • NEVER MISS a class
    • DISCOVER teachers around the world
    • SET GOALS and track your progress
    • PERSONALIZED Member Dashboard
    • UNLIMITED yoga classes
    • PERSONAL YOGA JOURNAL to see your journey
    • hitPLAY anytime, anywhere!

Why I hitPLAYyoga

Like so many others, I have fallen in love with Yoga. I truly believe every”BODY” needs Yoga in some form or fashion. In my world it is essential like oxygen and water. Yoga is like an old friend I am always happy to see.

This love inspires me to strive for a daily practice. That’s yoga EVERYDAY. Which can be hard with the many roles I play in life: married, mother of 2, entrepreneur, friend, etc. A lot must line up for me to make it to a good yoga class and after every single class I am grateful for my good fortune. For me, an everyday yoga practice must include a strong home practice along with a strong studio practice. And an everyday yoga practice means doing yoga while traveling and on vacations. Not everywhere we travel to has studio accommodations for my practice.

So I created hitPLAYyoga! My favorite teachers are available anywhere, anytime! Better yet, I can choose the kind of class my body needs: restorative, flow, hip openers, etc! Beyond that if my time that day is limited; I know that I can always squeeze in a 30 minute class just to make it happen.

With HPY my personal goal of “doing yoga everyday” becomes a possibility. I keep track of this progress on my HPY personal yoga journal page. By adding my studio class hours onto my page, I can see my total hours of yoga for the past week, month, or year. Here I also save my favorite classes and I have posted my current affirmations so I will see them when I log in, EVERYDAY!

HPY is a virtual & transportable yoga studio! All you have to do is hitPLAY!

Diana Hudson
President | hitPLAYyoga