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Irene Mueni

For me, yoga has made me a better person, now I am leading the change by demonstrating the importance of yoga to women with HIV/AIDS and encouraging former criminals to lead a more positive life. Everybody should practice yoga because it help in relaxing the body and mind, it helps to reduce toxins from medicines, and yoga is unity and whith unity there is peace. Since starting yoga my students have changed and now love each other. Some of my students used to gossip, but now they don't gossip anymore. When we come together to practice yoga it inspires me because we share ideas and release all the stress in our life. After practice we go home and we all look like newborns with shining smiling faces. As a yoga instructor I have learned more about who I am. Now I am a transformed person. I am more disciplined. I used to be rude but now I am polite since I have to be a role model to my daughter, students, and the entire community. When people see me I want them to see possibility and love.