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Kristy Mitchell

Kristy first discovered yoga in 2006. She’d always been active in outdoor sports, so going indoors to exercise was never on the radar. After struggling with back pain for awhile, she finally decided to take her friends up on their suggestions to try yoga. She entered the studio skeptically, but left completely addicted to the practice. It wasn’t long before she was practicing three to four times per week. Soon, she began to feel fantastic physically, lost weight, and found a sense of calm that she had been lacking. That’s when she decided she wanted to share this wonderful practice with others and signed up for teacher training at Baptiste Affiliate Studio Power Yoga Works in Malvern, PA. Kristy has been actively teaching yoga since 2011. She believes that yoga should be fun, challenging, and accessible for everyone. While she offers many advanced options, she always offers modifications and options for working at any level. When she’s not teaching, Kristy enjoys spending time with her husband and three cats, traveling the world, and being outdoors as much as possible.