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Justine Coleman

Justine experienced her first yoga class at a local Kennesaw, Georgia martial arts studio several years ago as a teenage, and began teaching yoga at Georgia Southern in 2008. She is graduate of Georgia Southern University with her Masters of Kinesiology and is inspired to share her love of fitness and wellness. She has been teaching group fitness classes for 12 years, and has taught a variety of classes ranging from cycling to kickboxing and Zumba. However, she always found herself back on her mat practicing yoga. The practice of yoga has transformed her life and she constantly goes to the mat to cultivate authentic movement, creativity, and devotion. She teaches a dynamic Vinyasa classes as well as Yin and Gentle Flow that are inspired by the funky fresh practice of Lotus Flow. She connects and integrates the three D's of Lotus Flow, DANCE, DISCIPLINE, and DEVOTION into her classes. Her classes are an energetic and grounding flows that invite you to discover and unleash the creative power within, and connect to the beautiful self. She bows in divine gratitude to her beautiful teachers Kelley Boyd, Dana Trixie Flynn, Mary Dana Abbott, Cate Duyn Cariati, and Lauren Magarelli. All you have to do is let go, breathe, and get down with your bad self! Savannah Yoga Center YTT - 200 HR Laughing Lotus NYC - Super Sequencing 50 HR Laughing Lotus NYC - Bhakti 50 HR