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Sesa O'Connor

Sesa (Say-sha) O’Connor, ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) was born and raised in a family that lives and breathes true yoga, she grew up learning and practicing mantra meditation and yoga as a lifestyle. Having grown up living around yoga her whole life, she decided to go to college to get her AA degree in International Business. After graduating with honors, she soon found herself unexpectedly pregnant... This hiatus from the things that were primarily taking up her time and energy, college and surfing, Sesa was forced to return to her yoga roots. This is when she realized how important yoga was to her, and although her life experience and knowledge of yoga extends far beyond what a few hundred hour yoga certification course offers; always humble to learn more, she became a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor through Tamal Yoga School. Sesa wants to share the amazing life changing powers of yoga that have molded her into the - daughter, sister, mother, lover, and friend - she is today, with everyone.p