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Laura Love

Laura took her first yoga class at her local gym in 1997. She took the occasional yoga class from time to time, but didn't find herself consistently practicing until her second pregnancy. While pregnant she found Hatha yoga to be very calming to her mind and healing to her changing body. After her daughter was born she fell away from her practice a bit, only able to practice at home on the rare occasion that both of her children were napping. Kundalini Yoga DVDs were her savior. In 2005 after some major life changes, Laura stepped back on her mat–this time for good. Practicing 5-6 times per week, she fell in love with Hot Yoga. In a time in her life that was chaotic & ever-changing, she found peace & balance on her mat. Her teacher, Jason Wilkerson, noticed her devotion to her practice and asked her to train to become a teacher at his studio. She trained with Jason privately for 3 months, then began her journey as a teacher in 2006. Since then Laura has completed the Dayton Method 200 hour Teacher Training, YogaWorks Prenatal Teacher Training, and It's Yoga Kids Teacher Training in San Francisco. Currently, Laura teaches classes throughout Orange County. She also leads Wellness Programs & Yoga Retreats. Her goal is to share what she has learned so far on her yoga journey with her students, learn from her students, and move forward with them everyday. The practice of yoga has profoundly changed Laura's life, in the way she sees the world and her connection to everything & everyone around her. She feels her purpose in this life is to share that light with others.