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Stephen Davis

Born in Los Angeles, raised at the base of Mt Shasta and educated in San Diego, Stephen is a true California boy. After getting a degree in engineering and working for a few years in an office he got “dragged” to a yoga class by a close friend. The physical aspect was challenging but it was the mental side of the practice that sparked a sense of spirituality that lay dormant far too long. Stephen says it “lifted a fog off my life” and this new awareness had him searching for something more, ultimately changing his life. After stumbling across a text of the Dalai Lama the words “Compassion, Patience, Altruism” resonated with him so well he quit his job, sold his possessions and left for Southeast Asia. Through volunteering, travel and adventure he found two of his great joys: rock climbing and, most importantly, meditation. After his first meditation retreat he focused on learning and living the Dhamma and spent his last months in Thailand at a monastery learning Theravadin meditation from teachers who shared with him the importance of Compassion and Lovingkindness. Returning to North America but still not ready to settle down Stephen set his course for South America and continued his adventures to high altitudes. After a year of volunteering, farming, climbing and sharing his love of yoga with everyone he met, Stephen decided it was time to get his 200 hour RYT certification. Fueled with the desire to help others and a love for the outdoors, he finally returned to the U.S. and found a way to combine the two. He now works as an adventure therapy guide taking young adults biking, climbing and backpacking all over the state of Utah.