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Charles Terhune

Charles Terhune has been teaching yoga for ten years and practicing yoga for twelve. His first yoga class he thought his wife brought him there to kill him but little did he know yoga would actually bring him to life! He is the co-owner of Portland Power Yoga in Portland, Maine, with his wife Alice Riccardi. Since 2006, in the first power vinyasa yoga studio in Maine, Charles has taught over 10,000 people. Charles has trained with Baron Baptiste and Ana Forrest. In addition to yoga, Charles is an avid gamer playing on both Xbox and PS3 (not simultaneously), a writer of science fiction and other stories, and a musician. He is currently at work on a book about yoga entitled The Accidental Yogi. He lives in Portland, Maine with his wife Alice, his wonderful daughter Sophia, his dog Sparky and his master, George Foreman-Terhune, a cat. You can find him on the web at and also