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Starr Hancock

Starr came across a Groupon for classes at The Yoga Stand in 2011. She bought it for herself and was excited to give it a try. She expected to enjoy the classes, but she wasn't expecting it to change her life. "I remember driving home after my very first practice…. I was so happy and energized! I hadn't done anything for myself, anything that I truly loved in years. It felt so good. The more I went, the more I loved it!" Starr celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary in 2012. Together her and her husband, Jeff, have two children Hope, Braxton, and a dog named Boomer. She attended Level 1 Boot Camp with Baron Baptiste in June of 2012. She is excited to begin teaching at The Yoga Stand, where she intends to share her passion for the practice with her students! "Yoga has taught me so much about myself. It is considered a "practice" and that speaks to my heart. After a lifetime of competitive tumbling, dance and cheerleading, I recently realized that I have never given myself permission to "practice"… to be less than perfect at something and be ok with it. Yoga doesn't give you a choice. There is always a way to make your poses better and your mind stronger. There is no "perfect" so I don't have to focus on that anymore. I can just enjoy where I am and look forward to where I am going."