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Erick Dannenberg

Erick first war; reluctant to take his first yoga class. Having an extensive background in competitive sports; he thought yoga would be the last thing to challenge him. "I remember getting in the car after my first class completely blown away from the experience! I was a competitive boxer and lifted weights daily. After the second class, I cancelled my memberships at the clubs and I belonged to and joined The Yoga Stand." It wasn't long until his interest in instructing grew very strong. He found a mind, body, and spirit connection he never experienced in other activities. In June of 2012, he attended Baron Baptiste's Level 1 Bootcamp in Sedona, AZ. "Level 1 was the best experience of my life. I left with an understanding of why yoga is important to have in your life. Yoga removes the "numbness" we all experience everyday and opens hearts to the experience of life again." Yoga has become a family affair. Erick recently was certified in children's yoga and his 4-year-old daughter is quickly learning as many poses as possible. "I feel the world needs yoga." Erick is currently expanding his reach to teaching children's yoga and is excited about being trained to apply yoga to elite athletes and becoming a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor.