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Haley Bevers

Haley first became interested in yoga during college. She realized that much of her strength came from within and yoga was the way to connect to her true self. After college, Haley pursued a professional career in financial planning. As a Certified Financial Planner, CFP, Haley spends time assisting clients in obtaining “financial health.” Haley started to notice a common theme among clients. It was important for clients to feel empowered and at ease with their financial decisions. It became obvious that people desire to feel this way in every aspect of life. Yoga provides the tools for empowerment, peace, and strength. Haley began to realize happiness was a choice, which in turn, made suffering an option. It was the grace of God, and the practice of yoga that brought freedom to her life. The immense healing experienced physically, emotionally, and spiritually set Haley free. I still remember the first time on my mat. It felt like home. I just didn't want to leave....I was hooked! I moved to the Dallas area spending time in both Dallas and Ft. Worth, TX. I am grateful and fortunate to have trained with amazing yoga instructors. After practicing many styles of yoga I kept coming back to a Vinyasa class. After moving to Ft. Worth I found Indigo Yoga, a Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Affiliate Studio. I fell in love with Baptsite Power Vinyasa Yoga! I experienced a complete shift in perception and my life changed in a powerful way. I became a part of a wonderful community that continues to uphold the highest level of integrity and consistently produces powerful results. In 2009, I attended the BPVY Level 1 Teacher Training and in 2010, I attended BPVY Level 2 Teacher Training. I am Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga and certified with Yoga Alliance as RYT 200 Hour. I completed my Level 3 Teacher Training in 2012 and in the process of completing my 500 hours with Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. My intention is to bring light and love to my students' lives. Students leave my class feeling challenged and nurtured. I am committed to creating possibility on and off the mat for my students. I come to my mat often for empowerment, healing, comfort, and most importantly love. If you believe all things are possible than anything is possible! Be in the unlimited possibilities!