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Jamie Pearsen

I am a Physician Assistant, so my background in western medicine made me naturally very cynical about the many supposed benefits of yoga. I was very unaware and frankly ignorant to the mind-body connection that is the power behind yoga and how this works. Something that happily is changing in the world of medicine. I was forced to go to my first Baptise Power Vinyasa class by a friend. I was quite content with my workouts of spinning and weight lifting! But a friend was very persistent, and I thank her repeatedly! I was hooked from that very first class. I thought doing yoga was about seeking physical benefits. Baptiste Power Vinyasa classes showed me that that was one of many benefits. In class it was a great reminder that I controlled my actions and reactions. With every practice I gained insight, clarity and courage to change my perspective. Attracting the life I wanted instead of the one I was living. Each practice gave me strength and balance to create a new way of being. I didn’t anticipate any of it, it really just happened. I have seen many others transformed this very same way, and I want to share this with everyone who is willing. This wanting to share, to serve makes me tick. I continue my studies with Baron Baptiste so that as many people I can touch with this practice, I will.