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Catherine Wenner

I have work many years in the NICU setting ( since 1982), & have always attempted to reduce my stress with some form of physical exercise, from running to swimming and in the mid 90's I found Yoga ( again). Initially it was after 1o years of home practice that I truly found Yoga a supportive journey as I had injuried my neck in 2001' As my neck injury healed & my body became stronger, this practice evolved into a vinyasa practice through a Baptiste affiliated studio. It was at this point in my journey I that found Yoga gave me not only a truly physical practice to move my energy, but also a foundational centering piece in my life as life seemed to be constantly changing through a few moves within a 10 year period of time. I could drop all the "stuff " and truly be who I am and share all the talents that God has given me, despite "where" I was & face not only the fear, but also the joy and embrace them both.