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Chipp Allard

Power vinyasa instructor at 3 Oms Yoga. Member of the Bellingham Circus Guild. Chipp Allard has always been active since he was a child. From being very involved in karate at a young age, to track and field in high school, and boxing in his early adulthood. Until 2001 when Chipp herniated a disc in his lower back, witch brought his life to a stand still. After three years of chronic pain, doctors, and almost committing to surgery, 2004 he found Pilates'. After only six months of dedicated Pilates' classes Chipps siatic pain diminished, and he increased his range of motion, and started to live pain free. So inspired he started teaching Pilates' in 2007, and in that same time Chipp found his first Yoga class. After his first Power Yoga class Chipp knew he wanted to take another. The physical benifits he received from his Power Yoga include healthy and happy feet, freedom in his lower back, and a happy honest smile. Mental and emotional blocks came crashing down, opening up his heart on the mat. In the winter of 2009 Chipp took a intensive Yoga Assist work shop from Melissa Longfellow. His enthusiasm went threw the roof, and he knew he wanted to share his love of Power Yoga. In August of 2009 Chipp completed Level 1 training with Baron Baptste, in May of 2010 Chipp went with Baron on a magic carpet ride finding freedom in Level 2, and is still in ongoing training with Baron Baptiste. Chipp has been very inspired from classes with Bryan Kest, knowing that it is ok to just be yourself so that everyone around you can also be themselves. With a solid Pilates' back ground Chipp leads each class with a strong encouraging voice. Working on alignment with verbal cues and hands on assist. Chipp will take you towards your growing edge time and time again, helping you realize your own strength both physically, and mentally. Chipp is proud to be a teacher and a student of both Pilates', and Power Yoga.