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Brian Yubrah

My students have lots of challenges in life, like hunger, exhaustion, and lack of support, but they keep coming to yoga because it is where they feel comfortable and happy. Yoga has inspired me to serve my community by giving back without discriminating against background or status. I feel connected to everyone in the world who practices yoga. I feel we are all birds of a feather flying together. Before yoga, life was like hell - you know the ghetto life is not healthy. I engaged in things that were not right and not good for my community. Drinking and hanging out with the wrong people were my habits. At the school the parents of the kids I teach are appreciating my work because the children help out more at home now. I dropped out of school, but that’s not what they see because I have not lost hope in my life and I am focused on what is best for me. Before yoga I suffered from ulcers and I was told yoga heals but I was skeptical. I started practicing yoga and stopped drinking and the symptoms from my ulcers disappeared. I want my whole community to experience this kind of healing.