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Hollee Baird

Hollee Baird is a yoga teacher with a B.S. degree in Geology pursuing her master's degree in Geology. What does yoga have to do with rocks? Try crow pose on a boulder. You’ll see. Hollee began her yoga journey in the summer of 2010 and has never looked back. It was when she discovered the Baptiste Power Vinyasa style that everything really began to change. By 2011, she was teaching. She has completed Level 1 & 2 Bootcamp with Baron Baptiste and Art of Assisting. She believes that the total life transformation that yoga is responsible for is not something that can be described. It is something that must be experienced, and that is exactly why Hollee loves teaching. Best yoga moments: “When someone goes up into tripod headstand or for the first time, or holds handstand for more than a couple of seconds. People doing what they once thought was impossible. That’s what keeps me coming back.” When she is not teaching high-energy classes that promise to leave you sweaty and smiling, you’re most likely to find Hollee balancing on her forearms in class or out looking at rocks somewhere in the mountains.