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Carly Columbres

Carly Columbres has completed levels I & II Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste, is a Level I iRest Yoga Nidra Instructor and a student of Mindfulness Meditation. In her own life, she credits the practice of iRest Yoga Nidra with helping her to restore a sense of peace and balance in her life following her experience with post-combat related challenges in her home. As an Army Wife and mother, Carly has experienced the transformative power that a daily meditation/yoga practice gives rise to in circumstances of fear, stress, depression and grief. Her mission as an Instructor is to teach others how to heal their own hearts and how to look within for the answer. Carly teaches from the awareness that we are all one and believes that in serving others, we serve ourselves. Carly currently serves the yoga community assisting Baron Baptiste, as well as providing complimentary yoga nidra classes to active duty military spouses and families in her community and individuals undergoing hospice care.... A remarkable, yet effortless meditation, iRest yoga nidra invites you to recognize a deep sense of peace that is always present within, regardless of your life’s circumstances. You will learn to let go of negative emotions, body sensations, beliefs, and stress that otherwise give rise to self-destructive behaviors. People who practice iRest Yoga Nidra report a decrease in insomnia, depression, anxiety and fear, chronic and acute pain, as well as increased inner peace and well-being and improved personal relations. iRest Yoga Nidra is used with PTSD-diagnosed soldiers and veterans, students, children, and the homeless, as well as people experiencing chemical dependency issues, chronic pain, and insomnia.