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Why I hitPLAY

In order to maintain the maximum benefits I achieve from yoga, it is important to find consistency with my practice.  HPY gives me access to a daily yoga practice.  It is the key that has opened the door to fulfill my ability to practice every day.  As a busy professional, it is now easy for me to fit in a yoga practice on my own schedule: wherever or whenever!

Some of the benefits of a consistent yoga practice have been: increased energy, weight loss, better sleep, and improved digestion.  As a competitive runner, I have experienced major improvements with my overall strength, flexibility, speed, and overall performance.  And lastly, where it comes to my mind and emotional well being, I have felt an increase in patience, honesty, empathy, perception, humility, and self discipline.

My body and mind crave routine and there is nothing like discovering a consistent daily practice through hitPLAYyoga!  Being able to choose from different practices led by some of the best and most professional yoga teachers around the world makes me feel really connected to the yoga community, no matter where I am.  Thank you, HPY!