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Monthly Archives July 2012

Supine Twist

Benefits Massages obliques & internal organs Improves digestion Reduces stress

Shoulder Stand

Benefits Benefits ENTIRE body Improves circulation & digestion Aids respiratory functions

Seated Single Leg Extension

Benefits Stretches the calves, hamstrings, & lower back Improves digestion Stimulates the thyroid gland

Seated Forward Bend

Benefits Stretches the hamstring, groin, spine & lower back Improves digestion Calms the mind

Reverse Table

Benefits Strengthens wrists, arms, & legs Stretches shoulders & chest


Benefits Stretches shoulders & spine Stimulates thyroid, parathyroid, lungs, & abdominal organs Improves digestion

60/30 Leg Lift

Benefits Strengthens the abdomen, hip flexors, & spine Stimulates the kidneys, thyroid, & intestines Improves digestion


Benefits Strengthens legs, buttocks & spine Stretches legs, abdomen, shoulders, & chest Stimulates the abdominal organs  


Benefits Stretches hip flexors, & small muscles between ribs Stretches & stimulates the muscles of the belly & front of neck Improves posture


Benefits Improves flexibility in the inner thighs, groins, & knees Opens lower back, helps relieve sciatica Stimulates the abdominal organs

Floor Bow

Benefits Stretches the quadriceps, abdomen, & chest Strengthens legs & back Stimulates abdominal organs

Hand Stand

Benefits Builds strength in arms, shoulders, abdomen, core Builds balance and concentration Good for circulation

Half Pigeon

Benefits Stretches legs, hips, & lower back Relieves stress, calms the mind

Full Pigeon

Benefits Stretches the legs, hips, groin, & lower back Improves digestion & thyroid function Calms the mind, relieves stress


Benefits Increases flexibility in the hips and pelvis Tones the abdomen Improves digestion

Extended Side Angle

Benefit Strengthens & stretches ankles, knees, & legs Stretches groin, spine, shoulders Stimulates abdominal organs


Benefits Stretches the quadriceps, hip flexors, abdomen, chest, & throat Strengthens the knees, legs, & back Stimulates the abdominal organs


Benefits Stretches the chest & shoulders Strengthens the feet and legs Relieves stress & mild depression


Benefits Strengthens abdomen, hip flexors, & spine Stimulates kidneys, thyroid, prostate gland, & intestines Improves digestion

Happy Baby

Benefits Stretches inner groin, hips, & lower back Improves digestion Calms the brain, helps relieve stress, & restores balance

Palms to Toes Forward Fold

Benefits Strengthens thighs and knees Stretches hips, hamstrings, & calves Calms the mind, soothes the nerves

Full Wheel

Benefits Stretches the chest & lungs Strengthens the wrists, arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen, & spine Increases energy & counteracts depression

Standing Leg Raise

Benefits Stretches the hamstrings and calves Strengthens the feet, ankles, calves, & thighs Improves sense of balance

Revolved Triangle

Benefits Stretches the legs, hips, lower back, & spine Stimulates abdominal organs Improves sense of balance


Benefits Stretches the calves, hamstrings, & hips Strengthens the feet, ankles, & legs Stimulates the organs, calms the brain

Wide Leg Forward Fold

Benefits Strengthens & stretches the inner thighs, hamstrings, & lower back Tones the abdominal muscles Calms the brain, relieves stress


Benefits Stretches the groin, hamstrings, shoulders, chest, & spine Helps relieve stress Improves digestion


Benefits Strengthens thighs, calves, ankles, and spine Stretches the groin & inner thighs, chest & shoulders Improves sense of balance


Benefits Stretches: shoulders, chest, thighs, groin,  and abdomen Strengthens the legs and ankles Improves balance, promotes determination

Half Moon

Benefits Strengthens the abdomen, ankles, thighs, buttocks, & spine Improves coordination and sense of balance Helps relieve stress, promotes determination


Benefits Strengthens ankles, legs, shoulders, and back Tones the abdomen Improves balance and posture


Benefits Strengthens ankles and calves Stretches calves, thighs, hips, shoulders, and upper back Improves concentration and sense of balance


Benefits Strengthens arms and wrists Stretches the upper back Strengthens the abdominal muscles

Twisting Chair Pose

Benefits: Cultivates a detoxifying heat Strengthens the legs, core, & arms Supports the digestive system & circulatory system

Fingers to Toes Forward Fold

Benefits Stimulates the liver and kidneys Stretches the hamstrings, calves, and hips Strengthens the thighs and kness

Child’s Pose

Benefits  Helps calm the mind and relieve stress Improves digestion Helps relieve mild depression, headache, and insomnia