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  • Studio Name:
    Meditate Yoga and Meditation
  • Location:
    Chicago, IL USA
  • Affiliation:
  • Mission Statement:
    The focus of our yoga classes is to encourage love and acceptance of our bodies without obsessing. In meditation, we seek to assist those wishing to raise their conscious awareness, discover themselves more deeply and find the Soul/Self within. Our mission is to offer yoga and meditation classes at the same North Center location. Yoga classes include Restorative, Therapeutic, Yoga for Runners, Gentle, Active and Energizing Flow Classes and Vinyasa levels 1 and 1-2. Meditation is offered in a guided format with the gong as well as multi-Level instruction. Level I covers teachings on posture, concentration, commitment, trust, inspiration, feelings vs. emotions and basic logistics. Level II goes deeper and teaches working with Light, Soul Consciousness and service work.