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Erika Vikander

Yoga has enabled me to keep my body and mind in the present and focused. Through my practice I have had the ability to come back from injuries much quicker, as well as prevent new ones from happening. The more in touch we are with our bodies, the higher they preform. With the support of hitPLAYyoga I am blessed to now have the library of classes I need while I am traveling with my busy schedule, therefore, easing my mind, and keeping my body a fine-tuned machine. A Southern California girl at heart, I grew up among the Rocky Mountains in Bozeman, Montana. Therefore, seeding my mountain roots long before I learned about snowboarding, or the crazy-beautiful lifestyle it leads to. I was fortunate to grow up in such a wonderful place. Montana taught me to appreciate the outdoors, and understand the bigger picture of life. Through participation in disciplinary sports in my youth, such as ballet and soccer, I was able to direct my mental focus toward snowboarding when I finally reached my teenage years. Upon moving to Park City, UT around my freshman year of High School, it became clear to me that professionally snowboarding was not the long shot I thought it was. With my new surroundings, well-groomed terrain parks, and snowboard team to train with, I began to enter competitions, and eventually start to win. I had a new found confidence and direction in life, I began focusing all of my time and energy on training, competing, and snowboarding as much as I could. By the time I was a junior in High School, I had received a scholarship to attend the Winter Sports School in Park City where I could go to school all summer in order to have the winter off to travel, and compete. Through perseverance, dedication, blood, sweat, tears, and the support of so many wonderful people, I have made it to this point in my career- somewhere I didn't necessarily think I would be when I would stare at my snowboarding posters hanging in my room while growing up in Montana. Snowboarding will always be a huge part of my life, whether I am riding, coaching, hucking myself, or simply watching from the sidelines, it gives me a special feeling that can't be mimicked by anything else in this world. I am blessed to have found my calling in life at such a young age and had the support to go out and accomplish my dreams. Without every person I've encountered along the way, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Negative experiences are all just a part of life that help us to realize the positivity that is around us at all times, if we let it show.