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Sara Buchanan

I have been a competitive athlete since the age of six. As a platform diver, I travelled the world and eventually got a scholarship to college. My fitness background includes nearly twenty years of weight lifting, cycling, running, swimming, and cross training. In 2009 a friend introduced me to hot yoga. I attended one class and thought it just wasn’t for me. It wasn’t until a year later, I took another class and fell in love. Yoga has allowed me to soften my competitive nature, and has increased my presence in both my physical practice and my life. I consider yoga to be an art form – my practice is fun, playful, and always changing. In September 2011, I attended my first teacher training with Baron Baptiste, followed by the Art of Assisting. I have also had the unique opportunity to spend a few months practicing at Power Living, an amazing Baptiste Affiliate studio in Sydney, Australia. I am filled with tremendous gratitude for the love and empowerment my teachers have bestowed upon me, and I am committed to passing on those gifts in my own teaching.